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20th Annual Congress of the
European Society for Photodynamic Therapy

Friday 17 and Saturday 18, June 2022


Final Program of the EuroPDT Congress

Best of Slides of the EuroPDT Congress:

Part I
Part II

The authors of the "Best of Slides" from the Euro-PDT meeting in Paris, 17-18 June 2022, have kindly given permission for the sharing of extracts on the Euro-PDT website with the understanding that this is for educational purposes and clear attribution of this material to the authors must remain,
Euro-PDT Board, June 2022


General information

Board of the Euro-PDT
L.R. Braathen, Bern, Switzerland, President
R.-M. Szeimies, Recklinghausen, Germany, Vice President
C.A. Morton, Stirling, Scotland, Board Member

Congress President
N. Basset-Seguin, Paris, France

Permanent Scientific Committee

L.R. Braathen, Bern - Switzerland
R.-M. Szeimies, Recklinghausen - Germany
C.A. Morton, Stirling - Scotland
N. Basset-Seguin, Paris - France
M.J.P. Gerritsen, Nijmegen - The Netherlands
Y. Gilaberte, Zaragoza - Spain
P. Calzavara-Pinton, Brescia - Italy
H.C. Wulf, Copenhagen - Denmark
A.-M. Wennberg, Gothenburg - Sweden
R.E. Hunger, Bern - Switzerland


Awards for best oral presentations
Sponsored by Galderma

1. Dario De Perosanz-Lobo
C31 Molecular Markers of response in the treatment of AK with Daylight-PDT

2. Francesco Borgia
C20 Daylight PDT in children affected by facial warts

3. Erik Moerk
C28 Clinical versus puch biopsy assessment of BCC subtype


Awards for best posters
Sponsored by photonamic

1. Alba Navarro-Bielsa, Paulina Cerro-Muñoz, Manuel Almenara-Blasco, Maria Jiménez Sanmartin, Tamara Gracia-Cazaña, Yolanda Gilaberte
Zaragoza, Spain

Poster No. 8: Dermoscopic structures predictive of response to PDT in BCC

2. Eidi Christensen, Olav A. Foss, Petter Quist-Paulsen, Ingrid Staur, Frode Pettersen, Toril Holien, Petras Juzenas, Quian Peng
Trondheim, Norway

Poster No. 5: PDT with 5-ALA to extracorporeal photopheresis in the treatment of patients with graft-versus-host disease; a Phase I study

3. Stefano Caccavale, Giuseppe Argenziano
Naples, Italy

Poster No. 3: ALA-PDT combined with curettage and microneedling for acral resistant warts




Congress secretariat
11 Rue de Rouvray, 92200 Neuilly sur Seine






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