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European Society for Photodynamic Therapy in Dermatology

The founding member, Prof. Rolf-Markus Szeimies, Recklinghausen and myself have long felt, that with the rapid increase in know-how in clinical research on photodynamic therapy there is a need to create a communications platform between researchers working with fluorescence diagnosis and photodynamic therapy and to promote international cooperation in this field in Europe.

We hope that EuroPDT will develop into such a communications platform, and that it will become instrumental in the process of shortening the communication lines and time between clinical research results and clinical application and to promote cross fertilisation between FD & PDT specialists in Europe.

The founding of EuroPDT is an attempt to fulfil our intentions by having presentations of advances in clinical research and clinical application and progress, and by inviting researchers as well as clinicians from all over Europe. We hope that it will interest you and that, as a result, you want to become a member of EuroPDT.

Professor Lasse R. Braathen

President of EURO-PDT






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